Latitude and longitude formats

For use in the Bearing and Distance Calculator.

Signed degrees format (DDD.dddd)

Use this format when high precision is needed. A latitude or longitude with 8 decimal places pinpoints a location to within 1 millimeter,( 1/16 inch).

41.25 and -120.9762
-31.96 and 115.84
90 and 0 (North Pole)

DMS + compass direction formats

These formats pinpoint a location to within one second, which is approximately 100 feet (30 m). For the following formats:

Degrees minutes seconds formats (DDD MM SS + compass direction)

41 25 01N and 120 58 57W
41°25'01"N and 120°58'57"W
412501N and 1205857W

Degrees minutes formats (DDD MM + compass direction)

41 25N and 120 58W
41°25'N and 120°58'W

Degrees only formats (DDD + compass direction)

41 N and 120 W
41°N and 120°W
90S and 0E (South Pole)

Bearing formats

225 (bearing southwest)
142 15 55

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