Let's Meet in the Middle


This calculator currently cannot find points of interest. It can only be used to find the midpoint for a group of addresses by typing the latitude and longitude for each address into the Address box separated by a comma, for example: 36.9027,-121.2853
You can find the latitude and longitude for addresses at: Geocode Finder


Avoid highways

Larger map
It's fun. It's easy to use. Just add each of your addresses to the map then search for points of interest near the midpoint.
Midpoint Route halfway point

Meet a friend halfway

What's a good place to meet your friend for lunch or for coffee? Enter your two addresses and let GeoMidpoint find it for you.

Whether you're planning a get together for two people or for 100, for business or for pleasure, this tool can find the perfect meeting place. It's fast, accurate, and easy to use.