Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between a midpoint and a route halfway point?

A midpoint is the point that lies exactly halfway between two places. It would be like stretching a string between address 1 and address 2, then finding the middle of the string.

Of course most people wouldn't want to drive the route where the string goes--it would probably involve driving through a lot of people's yards.

On the other hand, a route halfway point is the point halfway along the route that you would drive in a car between two addresses.

Should I use the midpoint or the route halfway point when I search for points of interest?

If you want to meet someone as close as possible to the exact halfway point or you are entering more than two addresses, use the midpoint. If you want to spllit travel distance and gas expenses evenly with the person you're going to meet, use the route halfway point.

I added an address or city, but it found the wrong place, what should I do?

Remove it, then type it in again, being sure to include the state or country name.

I've found the point of interest that I want. Can I save it?

Yes, click on the marker for your point of interest then click on 'Save'. You can then save the map and your point of interest in your Favorites/Bookmarks.

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