Plan a random trip

You can visit a place that is off the beaten path--a place so unique that you would never imagine going there with the Random Point Generator, a free online tool that let's you throw virtual darts at a map, then you can see a Google map showing you where those darts landed at.

The random point tool let's you generate points over the entire surface of the earth, or you can restrict the random points to be within a certain distance of your home or vacation destination. Once you have selected a random point you can visit it using a handheld GPS unit. Please read these GPS guidelines before you start your trip.

Set up your rules

The good thing about this game is that you can set your own rules--eliminating those random points that you know you don't want to visit. You generate random points one by one until you find one that passes all of your rules, and that's where you'll be headed to with your GPS. Here are some examples of rules you may want to use:

If you want to, you can generate five or ten random points that meet your criteria Then take your pick.

Turn it into a vacation

The random point you choose may turn out to be a really interesting place to visit or it may be a stick next to a couple of rocks out in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes half the fun is just getting there and seeing something that you would not have seen otherwise. You can make the trip more enjoyable by turning it into a real vacation, expanding it to include nearby attractions such as national parks, monuments, museums, recreational activities or whatever you like to see and do. The Internet is loaded with information about attractions in different locations.

Throw a dart into a map and travel to where it lands